Bubble Gum Orchestra

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BGO's albums are always a must for ELO/Jellyfish fans and Zentopia is no exception so check it out.

~Quote: Steve Ferra @ Absolute Powerpop


Review of Zentopia:

OK - I thought β€œwell Michael has given me a huge musical complement with the beautiful 'Starflight So Bright’”, so to a certain extent my opinion will be bias. But as I listened, track by track, to Zentopia - I found my grin growing at a alarming rate. Sweeping, cinematic, bittersweet, full of surprising musical & lyrical twists, & emotionally engaging. Brian Wilson, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Queen, Jelly Fish all seem to get put through the BGO Spaceship’s musical hyperdrive with fresh & inventive results. This is the most sonically diverse & sophisticated release from you yet, & clearly reflects your continued musical growth as a musician, songwriter, & producer in big leaps & bounds.Your vocal harmonies are just through the roof!

Me? Envious? YOU BET! I love this album….I dare say even more than Sixthoverture…which I thought was your musical apex.

Well done, many congrats on this beautiful album. Thanks for the audio joy brother, Jib Β  ~Quote Jib Khan (Starflight)


Release date: July 31, 2018