Bubble Gum Orchestra

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Just had my first listen to Sixthoverture. In the prescribed order. On headphones. With the album art as a backdrop. I gotta say that I'm impressed. Personally, I think you've outdone yourself & this album really adds a lot of depth to the BGO catalogue. First off, musically speaking, I noticed the intricacies & sophistication in the arrangements has gone up a notch, giving the songs a freshness, I love when a song takes a unexpected but delightful left turn - Queen & 10cc used to be able to pull this off with mastery. You also seem to be taking great glee in also experimenting with Dynamics in-terms of where to put a sudden massive guitar powerechord to accentuate a passage, or let all the music fall away to just the bear minimum of the Rhodes & the vocal - revealing the full extent of the melody. Awesome. Lyrically I found this collection of songs to be...not DARK, as interviewers seem to think, but more emotionally varied & nuanced. Again, very impressed. Well done my bro.

~Quote...Sir Jib Khan~ Starflight Band

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